33 RAD Room Divider Ideas

Room dividers. Many of which are DIY room dividers. If that’s what you’ve come for, you’ve found what you’re looking for. Today, you’ll get to peruse lovely, smart, inventive room divider ideas.

Quick-Hang Curtain Room Divider

DIY a versatile curtain rod in minutes which can hang panels from walls or the ceiling in order to create a room divider for many different spaces, like seen in our daughter’s pink bedroom.

Inexpensive Curtain Panel Divider with a Quick Rod Hack

Create drama in a bathroom by creating a nook for the tub using items you already may have on hand.

Kids Bedroom Nook in a Flash

Set off a small nook for a bed or desk in your dormer with fabric or curtain panels! It’s a quick and easy DIY.

Vintage Window Divider

Emily added this gorgeous vintage window as not only a statement piece but a beautiful visual divide between the dining room and foyer of her home.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jones Design Company

Green Wall/Living Wall Room Divider

For green thumb homeowners (or renters) only, I’m afraid…unless you go faux, I suppose. But either way, isn’t this living wall/room divider idea marvelous?

PHOTO CREDIT: Leroy Merlin via Dentejardin.com

Window Pane Wall Divider 

A gorgeous glass-paned wall creates a divide between the kitchen and rest of the house while allowing the kitchen to seamlessly remain part of the flow.

PHOTO CREDIT: Crazy Mary Revisita

Pax Wardrobe Door DIY Divider

Pax doors come in various sizes, and some of them are BIG. Smart IKEA hacker Jules created a wall using these doors to separate their bedroom area from the rest of their studio apartment.


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