50+ Cute Valentine Box Ideas

Nowadays, kids want handmade valentines with candy and the valentine box must also be on point. I thought that gathering this list of good valentine box ideas could be helpful for both of us!

Face to Eat Candy

Isn’t this one hilarious? I had to look at it three times to realize it wasn’t a real child with his mouth agape. So fun.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wendy Janelle


I love this little mailbox concept. And your little one could play with this one even after the valentine’s party is done.

PHOTO CREDIT: Little Red Window

Gumball Machine 

What kid wouldn’t love bringing this one to school? It not only collects valentines but offers a fun treat in return!

PHOTO CREDIT: Jamie Lane Designs

Mailbox with Working Door

Love the little working mail drop and flag on this one!


Purple Minion

My son saw this one and instantly decided it was the one he wanted this year. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

PHOTO CREDIT: The Joys of Boys

Football Field

Ginger Casa’s son had the idea for this artificial turf field box. Isn’t it so clever?


White Cat

A pretty kitty cat could be a sweet valentine’s day treat box for kids of all ages. This one is giving me fun valentine’s day piñata vibes, no?

PHOTO CREDIT: Pretty Plain Janes

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