50+ Incredibly Useful Closet Organization Ideas

I’m pumped to share these incredible closet organization ideas with you today. Know why? Because I’m pretty sure we all have that closet.

The one that you have to put your full body weight against in order to close. The one that’s so jammed with stuff, chances are if you went in there, you’d never re-surface.

You’ll find everything from closet organizer systems to simple space-saving hacks, complete closet makeovers, and even closet conversion projects.

Got a stellar shoe collection? Save valuable closet square footage and display your shoes! Build this easy DIY wall mounted shoe rack for your fave heels.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Even IKEA gear is pricey when you need a bunch of it. We opted to gather secondhand IKEA and piece our DIY dressing room project together like that!

DIY Dressing Room

Using a Pantry Organizer for Kids’ Closets

In small kids’ spaces, when space for shelving is at a premium, creating a back-of-the-door library system allows the books to be within the reach of small hands, and minimizes the floor space taken up with bulky shelving units.

We have not one, but (2) easy DIY hanger hacks that will help you keep the clothes ON your hanger and OFF your floor in a flash! Pick one or the other depending on the type of hanger you prefer.

Quick & Easy DIY hanger hacks

Don’t you love a budget-friendly makeover? And this one by Monica Wants It is great.

Less Than $100 Guest Room Closet Makeover

Photo credit: Monica Wants It

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