Benjamin Moore Seapearl (OC-19)

This light off-white plays well with many other colors and looks incredible anywhere you wish to use it. So if you’re searching for a creamy off-white that’s inviting, warm, and timeless, check out BM Seapearl because it won’t disappoint!

What color is Benjamin Moore Seapearl?

BM Seapearl is a warm off-white with slightly gray undertones that make this color more versatile than many whites.

Is Benjamin Moore Seapearl cool or warm?

Seapearl is a warm-toned off-white that has slight greige undertones. It’s a beautiful shade that will look creamy (but not TOO creamy), soft, and inviting.

Is Balboa Mist warm or cool?

Even though this shade tends to be called u0022gray, u0022 it has strong enough beige undertones that it leans warm, giving any room an airy and cozy ambiance.

Where should I use BM Seapearl?

This creamy white shade is perfect for modern, traditional, modern farmhouse, and contemporary-style homes.

Benjamin Moore Seapearl Undertones

Undertones are a fact of life when it comes to paint colors. They’re a result of the process of blending differing amounts of other colors to create a new color, so every single paint color has them.

How Different Types of Lighting Affect BM Seapearl

Shades with strong undertones can change a little dramatically in different lighting situations.

North-facing light – northern light is blue-tinted and cool, which will make Seapearl read more gray and even a little crisp. South-facing light – warm southern lighting will draw out the warmth in this shade to make it read light beige.

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