Christmas Wrapping Ideas That Will Wow

First impressions make a big difference in any setting; dating, buying a house, interviewing for a job, and I’d say even when it comes to Christmas wrapping.

Part of the joy of the season is taking a little time to do some of your Christmas wrappings with a bit more TLC. I present this comprehensive list of amazing DIY Christmas wrapping ideas to peruse and try this year.

Fast & Eco-Friendly Scarf Gift Wrap

This eco-friendly Christmas wrapping idea is easy and the giftee gets the extra gift of a warm winter scarf in addition to whatever you’ve packaged beautifully inside.

Quick Pom Pom Wrapping

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Pom poms make everything better. Even an already great Christmas gift.

DIY Word Search Paper Gift Wrap

Credit to Mini Eco for this creative idea! They created birthday wrapping paper with a crossword generator online. I used their directions to create similar gift wrap for Christmas!

Christmas Crossword Puzzle Printable Wrapping Paper

If you have a puzzling person to buy for this year, why not give them a puzzler to work? It’s such a fun addition to any (small) gift, the paper prints on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

Dollar Tree Bandana Gift Wrap

Another eco-friendly Christmas wrapping idea…grab a bandana! And frugal, too! They only cost a buck at the Dollar store!

Upcycled Vintage Christmas Light Topper

If you still have any old school lights hanging around, here’s a great use! Incorporate them into your gifting as a topper and/or gift tag!

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