DIY Flush Mount Lighting

There are just some lighting fixtures that NEED updating, and boob lights —er, flush mount ceiling lights—are at the TOP of the list. Today, I’m gonna give you A PAIR of knockers knockout, five-minute, zero tool methods to help you fix up the ceiling in your.

Supply List

– Boob light fixture  – Capiz shell shade -OR- drum shade – Nylon zip (cable) ties – Linesman pliers OR scissors


Remove the glass shade from your existing boob light fixture. Typically, this will be done by unscrewing the shade from three little screws on the side of the fixture, or, alternatively, one screw at the bottom of the shade.

If your flush mount ceiling light unscrews at the bottom, you may have to drill three little holes (use a very small bit) into the side of your fixture in order to use this technique (only if your fixture does not have these holes).

The installation will work just fine whether your fixture is mounted or unmounted.

Hanging a Drum Shade to Update Your Flush Mount Light

Align the Holes

Align (roughly) the arms of your drum shade with those holes (where you removed your glass, or where you’ve drilled) on the fixture.

Zip tie through a hole in the fixture, and around an arm of your shade. Secure loosely. Repeat for each hole in your fixture.

Secure the Shade

Once your zip ties are in place, make sure the shade hangs level. You can alter how it hangs by tightening your nylon ties.

Level Your Shade

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