How To Paint Wood Floors Without Sanding

We are going to show you how to paint wood floors the lazy way, meaning how to paint wood floors without sanding.

Supply List

– GOOD primer  – Naps/paint roller – Porch and patio paint – Paint pole extender – Painter’s tape

Clean your wood floor

Personally, since I didn’t sand, I just swept, vacuumed, and mopped with a Swiffer pad, nothing fancy.

This is the most important step in the painting process. PRIMING. It is imperative to choose a good primer. THIS is the one I swear by.


Before slapping on the primer, take the time to tape your baseboards, and you’ll also have to cut in the perimeter of your floor with a paintbrush.


Once the primer is dry it’s time to paint! I decided to have them custom color match the paint to the primer color! It was just a slightly warmer white.

I used two coats of paint (plus the two coats of primer) in total on the wood floor. Let’s start showing you some shots of the finished painted wood floors!

This is the transition between our dark floors in the rest of the home with the painted kitchen floor. Use GOOD painter’s tape to help achieve a sharp line!

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