Ever try Mulch Dye? We did

If you have tired, old-looking mulch in your garden beds, you may want to try giving your faded mulch a refresh by spraying it with mulch dye.

A coat of mulch paint spray could be all you need to achieve beautiful-looking gardens while saving yourself hours of work and pain.

Supply List

– Mulch Dye  – Pump Sprayer – Gardening Gloves – Leaf Blower

Fill pump sprayer.

Prep Mulch Beds

For the best results, take a few minutes to weed and clear debris (like leaves and twigs, kids’ toys, and dog bones) out of your mulch beds with a blower and/or rake.

It’s also a good idea to agitate the existing mulch a bit. Level out the existing mulch, cover any completely bare patches, and knock down any high spots so that the mulch beds appear to have an even covering of mulch.

It was so easy to control the spray with my pump sprayer that I didn’t find it difficult to avoid over-spraying despite my lack of “proper” prep work.

Spray on Mulch Dye!

That being said, if you look closely at a couple of the hostas in the shot above, you’ll see that I did spray a couple of them just a tiny bit.

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