Painted Floor Ideas That Will WOW You!

If you’ve been searching for painted floor ideas, you’ve come to the right spot. Because I’ve got fabulous ones to share with you today!

Is a painted floor as durable as other flooring options? That’s a difficult question to answer with a simple yes or no. But what I will say is this: ALL flooring shows wear and tear over the years.

Carpet? Just ick. Hardwoods? They’ll scratch, scuff, ding and dent. Linoleum can tear, peel and look dingy after years of use. Tile can chip…and the grout? Gross. All flooring has pros and cons. That’s fact.

1). Cost 2.) Endless Variety of Looks

Two awesome reasons to consider painted floors:

Painting your floors, regardless of what the existing flooring type is, tends to be much less expensive than replacing your current floors with any other product.

I had originally intended to stencil on top of the base coat of white, but I found that I loved the contrast between the basic solid floor and the colors mixed into the rest of the budget-friendly kitchen design so much I decided to let it lie (for now ;).

A Base for Bold Kitchen

Since I loved the look of outdoor rugs, I decided to paint some onto my deck.

DIY Outdoor Painted Rug

We removed the damaged linoleum flooring from the hallway and mudroom that adjoins our kitchen and painted the plywood subfloors at the same time, and with the same technique, we used on our Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.

Painted Plywood Subfloors

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