Pretty, Practical IKEA Variera Plastic Bag Holder Hacks

Who’d have guessed there’d be so many fantastic ideas that could come from such an inexpensive item?

And we like when “inexpensive” and “Ikea” can be found in the same sentence. Because usually, Ikea is a pretty expensive place for a lot of us.

NOT because their items individually are too dear. In fact, exactly the opposite, right?

Throw in your ribbon, and mount it in your craft closet, or junk closet, or wherever the heck it’s most convenient for you.

DIY Ribbon Organizer Ikea Hack

The guinea pigs love to “hide” in things. So this Ikea plastic bag holder is great as a tunnel, or a little ramp either in their cage, or outside during their “exercise” time.

Guinea pig/hamster tunnel or ramp

5-Minute Gift Wrap Organizer Ikea Hack

I’ve seen this idea used with the gift wrap inserted horizontally into the Ikea plastic bag holder as well.

This little plastic bin makes a great place to stock your plastic wrap, wax paper, aluminum foil, etc.

Variera Kitchen Storage

This could totally work for rabbits as well! If being used inside an enclosure, you can easily secure this Ikea plastic bag holder with zip ties either vertically or horizontally.

Small animal hay feeder

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