Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631: ULTIMATE Review + Pics!

When it comes to interior paint colors, what colors are you drawn to? What colors do you stay away from? Many people love whites, off-whites, beiges, greiges, and grays.

Likewise, many people shy away from pinks and purples or colors that have strong pink or purple undertones.

Me? When used to its benefit, I love a good pastel-base color. And it just happens that Sherwin Williams City Loft (SW 7631) is a color in the Sherwin Williams White and Pastels Collection.

City Loft is a true chameleon color (some would use the word ‘transitional’). The lighting and the surrounding colors will greatly impact how this paint color reads.

What color is Sherwin Williams City Loft?

Thanks to its undertones, City Loft is a warm color. Although there are times when it can read cooler, when you put it up next to a truly cool color, it will always read warm.

Is SW City Loft Warm Or Cool?

In different situations, the gray, beige, brown, and red-pink undertones can make City Loft look beige, gray, taupe, pink, peach, or even purple!

What are the undertones in Sherwin Williams City Loft?

This color really shines in traditional, modern, farmhouse, and even French country-style homes.

Where should I use SW City Loft?

This color looks terrific with other neutrals, including white, cream, beige, brown, and wood tone colors. It can also work well with bold navy and dark gray or black colors.

Great Coordinating Colors For City Loft

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