Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog


SW Evergreen Fog is a a medium sage green with strong gray undertones.

LRV of Evergreen Fog 

Evergreen Fog's = 30

(LRV = Light Reflectance Value)

Undertones of Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog is in the green family and has strong gray undertones along with some subtle blue and green undertones.

Evergreen Fog and Retreat (SW 6207) have similar undertones (Retreat has deeper gray undertones), but its LRV of 21 makes Retreat appear much darker and less colorful than Evergreen Fog.


Evergreen Fog vs Retreat

Acacia Haze doesn’t have the yellow undertones that Evergreen Fog does. If you want a slightly cooler (and bluer) sage green, pick Acacia Haze.

Evergreen Fog vs Acacia Haze

 They both belong to the same family but have some big differences. Clary Sage leans warmer thanks to some strong yellow undertones. Evergreen Fog is the color you want when you crave a restful retreat or neutral and toned-down pop of color.

Evergreen Fog vs Clary Sage

Is SW Evergreen Fog the right color for you?  Remember, you need to swatch the shade on your own wall before committing to an entire gallon or two.