Sherwin Williams Natural Choice #7011: Ultimate Review + Pictures

Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams (#7011) is a timeless warm off-white that has taken the interior decor world by storm.

Given its natural warmth, it’s a terrific fit for homes in cold, northern regions or to warm up north-facing rooms.

If you’re someone who wants a warm, soft off-white that looks white without feeling too bright or stark, you’re in luck. Natural Choice may be the perfect white paint shade for you!

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011 is a creamy warm off-white that will read as cozy and won’t look dingy or too yellow on your walls.

What color is Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams?

Blue, green, and purple lean toward the cool side of the spectrum, while yellow, orange, and red lean toward the warm side.

Is Sherwin Williams Natural Choice warm or cool?

You can safely put this popular shade to the test in ANY room of your home!

Where should I use SW Natural Choice?

It’s not as creamy as Linen White, and it’s not as beige as White Duck. Instead, it falls in that ideal space that’s warm and cozy but still reads as a white, neutral paint color.

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice Undertones

North-facing light – cool, blue-tinted northern light will balance out the warmth in Natural Choice so that it reads closer to neutral.

How Different Types of Lighting Affect SW Natural Choice

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