Sherwin Williams Natural Linen (#9109)

If you’re looking for a soft beige that is bright and airy while still adding a warm and cozy vibe to a room, you’re in luck. Natural Linen may be just the shade you’re craving!

What color is Natural Linen by Sherwin Williams?

Natural Linen is a creamy soft beige that will simply appear cozy most of the time. It has just enough yellow in it to give it that warm creaminess and just enough pink to give it some depth.

Is Sherwin Williams Natural Linen warm or cool?

Thanks to some yellow and pink undertones, Natural Linen leans warm. It also has a little gray in it which gives it a soft vibe but doesn’t cool it down.

Where should I use SW Natural Linen?

You can confidently use this up-and-coming shade in nearly any room of your home! It will look lovely in various lighting situations and won’t be too dark in a room with low light.

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen Undertones

This shade lives in the beige color family, and it has yellow and pink undertones.

North-facing light – cool northern light will balance out the warmth in Natural Linen so that it reads a little pastey.

How Different Types of Lighting Affect SW Natural Linen

South-facing light – southern light is warm and yellow which will help draw out Natural Linen’s warm side. You’re likely to notice the yellow undertones more in this exposure.

East-facing light – east-facing rooms have warm yellow light in the morning and passive, shadowy light in the afternoon.

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