Umbrella Painting: Renew Your Outdoor Umbrella

I’ve got this old friend who’s down on his luck. I guess I’m using the term “friend” loosely here. That’s my friend in the image above. My patio umbrella. And, I have to say,  we’ve been through a lot together.

I discovered an easy way to refresh a worn-out outdoor umbrella: painting it. Check out how I did it so you can do it too!

Supply List

– Banged up patio umbrella – Latex exterior – Fabric additive – Outdoor fabric paint  – Foam craft brushes – Foam paint roller and tray – Fabric medium

I just dusted the umbrella off with a wet cloth. Clean (enough).

Clean Your Umbrella

Mix In Some Fabric Paint Medium

If you really want to preserve that fabric-y quality of your umbrella, then this is the point you’d want to add the fabric additive to your paint.

It’s umbrella painting time! Go ahead, and get wild. Slap that paint all over the umbrella, inside and out.

Paint Your Umbrella

I rolled most of the umbrella and then used a cheap, foam brush to put extra paint around the edges of the umbrella.

Chances are, you will need a couple of coats of paint to get a good, even covering of paint on your outdoor umbrella.

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