Unbelievably Quick and Easy DIY Under Bed Storage Idea

Need a fast and useful under bed storage idea? Say goodbye to messy rooms when you make this rolling under bed storage Ikea hack. Ten minutes and a few very simple supplies will change your life.

Supply List

– ALGOT wire storage bin – Swivel casters – Nylon cable ties – Scissors – Mesh basket

Flip Your Mesh Bin Upside Down and Place Your Casters

It’s as simple as it sounds. Simply put one caster in each corner of your mesh bin then move to step two.

With the bin upside-down, weave the zip tie through one hole in your caster up through the bottom of your mesh basket.

Use Two Zip Ties in Each Caster to Attach

Take the other end of the same zip tie and do the same thing through an adjacent hole.

Flip Basket Over and Tighten Zip Ties

Holding your caster in place, flip the basket back over. Close and tighten the zip ties, one at a time, by pulling them tight.

Your under-bed storage with wheels is already ¼ of the way done! Wasn’t that fast?

Repeat Steps 1-3

You’re going to do the exact same thing 3 more times so that all 4 wheels are securely attached to your DIY rolling under bed storage bins.

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