29 Unbelievably Useful Camper and RV Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to make the most of the space in your travel trailer, pop-up camper, toy hauler, or RV, these clever camper/RV storage ideas will help you and your adventurous crew be the happiest.

One of the best places to utilize command hooks is on the back of doors, both full-sized and cabinetry. It’s a great way to make otherwise unused surface area helpful.

Command Hooks

To help maximize drawer space, use dividers. These don’t have to be expensive. They could be DIY’d from anything from scrap cardboard to PVC.

Drawer Dividers

Here you can see my DIY drawer divider made from a piece of cardboard and some duct tape. Nope, it’s not magazine-worthy, but it works!

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective! Although, in some of my drawers, I do opt for these acrylic bookends, which both look and work great.

Airtightness is important because you may be camping in all types of weather and with all types of creatures, both desirable and some a little less so.

Airtight Stackable Bins

Attractive, and absolutely functional, you’ll want to employ a variety of baskets and bins in your travel trailer, pop-up camper or rv in order to make the most of your space.

Baskets and Bins

While the exact type you need will vary, focus on sturdy, inexpensive options…and if they’ll be visible, something you like looking at is a big bonus, too.

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