Under Deck Ideas – Brilliant Under Deck Storage You’ve GOT to See!

Are you wanting a more organized life and realizing that there is space under your decking being underutilized?

Photo credit: Craving Some Creativity

Yup, same girl, same. Don’t worry – I recently went on a deep dive into under deck ideas and found plenty of storage inspiration to share!

Photo credit: DuraLife

If you’ve struggled with how to use the massive, semi-spooky space under your deck, these ideas will give you SO many lightbulb moments!

Photo credit: Breyer Construction

You’ll love how the front of the drawer can be tailored to match your deck’s style.

Hidden Drawer Storage Under Deck

Photo credit: Stash Vault

HGTV has nailed it again! The custom cut of the lattice panel piece underneath the stairs gives this space a tailored-look.

Under Deck Storage Ideas with Lattice

Photo credit: HGTV

Storage Under a Raised Deck

Pressure-treated wood was used to define to create a border that was then filled in with drainage rocks. At first glance, the clean lines and juxtaposition of colors make me think of a texturized outdoor rug!

Photo credit: Craving Some Creativity

Should you choose to close out the space under the deck, there are many options you can choose from, ranging from lattice to decorative screen panels.

Using Your Under-Deck Space for Storage

Photo credit: DuraLife

This is one of those under deck ideas that offers all the benefits of a storage shed, without taking up any of the open yard space.

Garden Shed Under Deck

Photo credit: Breyer Construction

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