Sherwin Williams Eider White


What color is Eider White? It's complicated. It could be called an off-white, but also a soft, cool gray.

Undertones of Eider White

If we call this color an off-white, then we’d say it’s an off-white with gray undertones. But we could also say it’s a light gray with purple undertones.

LRV of Eider White

Eider White has an LRV of 73

*LRV = Light Reflective Value

* scale is 0-100 where o is pure black which reflects no light, and 100 is pure white which reflects all light

Eider White reads as gray with purple undertones while SW Alabaster reads as a little grayer with a touch of beige undertones.


Eider White vs. Alabaster

With an LRV of 66, Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams is quite a bit darker than Eider White. Crushed Ice has stronger gray undertones as well as a teensy bit of blue undertones.

Eider White vs Crushed Ice

Both have gray and purple undertones, but Egret White also has some definite beige undertones to make it more greige than gray.

Eider White vs Egret White

Is SW Eider White the right color for you?  Remember , you need to swatch the shade on your own wall before committing to an entire gallon or two.

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