15 Top Green Gray Paint Colors


So which one to choose?

Let's explore just a few of the colors that made the top spots on our list...

Ah, Sea Salt (SW 6204). This light gray-green has an LRV of 63 and some blue undertones that can make their presence known occasionally.

1. SW Sea Salt

Pewter Green (SW 6208) is bold. Its LRV of 12 adds a dark and daring vibe to a room. Use it with wood tones for a down-to-earth look that will draw people in.

2. Pewter Green

Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) is light enough to work nearly anywhere. If you can’t decide between gray-green, blue-gray, or blue-green, eliminate the guesswork with Evergreen Fog.

3. Evergreen Fog

This Sherwin Williams  muted green will make your space feel fresh and gorgeous and has enough saturation that it won’t ever wash out in natural light.

4. Retreat

Oyster Bay (SW 6206) is a medium green gray paint color (LRV 44) that creates a perfect moody coastal vibe.

5. Oyster Bay

Tip: As a self-proclaimed “frugalista”, I recommend buying a few paint samples of your top choices and using them to paint your swatches. It’s so much cheaper than buying gallons of paint!

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