Benjamin  Moore Silver Satin


Ben Moore Silver Satin plays the role of a white or neutral shade while having a warm grayness to it.  Because of this, in some lighting, it can give off a beautiful, silvery iridescence.

Undertones of Silver Satin

Silver Satin is a grayish off-white that leans warm, but has slight purple undertones. It will be warm in south facing rooms and it's grayness will show up in north facing rooms

LRV of Silver Satin 

Silver satin has an LRV of 76.35.  Compared to pure white at an LRV of 100, you can see why it is considered an off-white shade.

LRV = Light Reflective Value

All of the characteristics that Silver Satin has seem to be slightly more exaggerated with Classic Gray.  With an LRV (Light Reflective Value) of 74.78, it's slightly darker than Silver Satin


Silver Satin vs Classic Gray

Gray Owl has an LRV of 65.77, so we're venturing into gray territory.  It sits right in the middle of warm and cool, but is decidedly cooler than Silver Satin with some green undertones to it.

Silver Satin vs Gray Owl

Pale Oak is noticeably warmer than Silver Satin with an LRV of 69.89.  It's a warm creamy beige with some gray undertones.  You can almost pick out a hint of green undertones.

Silver Satin vs Pale Oak

Is BM Silver Satin the right color for you?  Remember , you need to swatch the shade on your own wall before committing to an entire gallon or two.

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