DRIFT OF MIST by Sherwin Williams


Is it the right paint color for your home?

SW Drift of Mist is cozy, warm, creamy (but not too creamy) off-white. Although it’s warm-toned, it somehow feels rather balanced and can pair well with both warm colors and cool colors.

Undertones of Drift of Mist

While not usually overt, there are some green undertones to deal with in Drift of Mist. They don’t show up all the time, but if you aren’t a fan of green undertones, then this may NOT be your best paint choice.

Drift of Mist LRV = 69

This value is solidly in the medium-light category. This color reflects lots of light and is also dark enough to read as soft instead of bright white.

Although they’re both warm, Agreeable Gray reads as more gray and green than Drift of Mist does.

At first glance, these two colors may look nearly identical. However, if you look more closely, City Loft has warm beige undertones and looks just a hair warmer than Drift of Mist with its green undertones.

SW Crushed Ice is darker than Drift of Mist. They may both be neutral medium to light greige colors, but Crushed Ice leans more warm gray than Drift of Mist does.

Tip: As a self-proclaimed “frugalista”, I recommend buying a few paint samples of your top choices and using them to paint your swatches. It’s so much cheaper than buying gallons of paint!

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