4 Ways to Update Brick

Many of us have brick somewhere in our homes, be it outside or in. And unfortunately, that brick may not be pretty, but rather outdated at best, and ugly at worst. Figuring out what to do with it can be a challenge because it’s an expensive building material.


If you’re on the thrifty side, and perhaps a tad brave, then there are some GREAT alternatives to update outdated brick instead of replacing it.



Did you know you can paint your brick? YEP!  (Make sure you get the right type of paint)


Whitewashing is a simple modification to regular, old painting. Instead of slapping paint directly onto your brick, you’ll water it down first.

Lime washing

First, you apply the lime wash and wait till it’s almost dry, spritz sections with water and remove some to create a more vintage look with brick showing through more in some spots, and less in others.

German Schmear

In my opinion, the ONLY hard thing about this mortar wash process is actually having the guts to put that first swipe of mortar onto your brick (or faux brick). Once you’ve done that, the rest is very simple!

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