• Yeeeeaahhhh….. GORGEOUS chandelier…. pigs would be flying up there to clean before I would. lol Maybe the manufacturer has some insight… suggestions… on how to keep it clean. It looks like a dynamic wind chime too.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous fixture! and I know what you mean…cleaning lighting is one of my least favorite chores. I think I am going to start putting it on my christmas wishlist for my children to gift to me!

  2. So gorgeous! The entire space is stunning! Definitely pinning this for your paint color too. Tall grand ceiling are gorgeous until cleaning/painting and then you want to curse every inch of it. 🙂 Thanks for linking to Craft Frenzy Friday. One of my faves!

  3. The light is absolutely gorgeous! But you are a braver soul than I am — I have trouble on a 10' ladder! My hubby would take one look at that, realize that he would be the one to clean it, and simply say "NO!"

  4. I think that there is a product for prisms that you just spray on or dip and let dry. It wouldn't save you getting up high but you didn't really go into detail about the actual cleaning technique. Covering the floor might be in the plan if you find the spray/dip and removing the lights too. Not sure about the electric part though.

      • Many, many moons ago I read a post from Martha Steward where she had a tip for cleaning chandeliers. Cover floor with drop cloth (plastic?), fill a spray bottle with ammonia and water and spray the prisms. In theory the dirt should ‘drip away’. Not sure how that would work in your case because your prisms seem to lay flat but it’s worth a shot. ( can probably ‘google’ her cleaning tip for exact parts ammonia and water.) Love that rug!

  5. We are building a home & this is the chandelier I've been looking at on Houzz. So glad I came across your blog on Pinterest. Your foyer, especially the chandy, look amazing. Just wondering, what are the dimensions? I"m trying to figure out what length would be appropriate for a foyer similar to yours in height.

  6. Your light is absolutely stunning and it really transforms your foyer along with the staining of your floors and bannisters. I've tried the spray on cleaner for lights and it doesn't work so don't waste your money. I would imagine you're in the same boat with having to clean that window in the picture too. Just have to get it done when needed. The beauty of your piece is worth any problems it may cause! I'm visiting from Project Stash!

  7. That light fixture is perfection, and it has be itching to finally splurge and change out the chandeier in our two story entry way (a project that's been on my list for 6 years). Thanks for linking up at The Creative Circle!

  8. I have several crystal chandeliers and sometimes have to take them apart to clean. But other times I use a spray to clean chandeliers. You spray it on and it works! Guess you would still need a ladder and of course you need to spread plastic or towels on the floor below. I got it off Amazon. I think it is called Bright.


  1. […] Understand where the fire in my belly came from to make a change? I was either going to go all 80’s Talking Heads and start “burning down the house” or we were gonna “fire it up” Busta Rhymes style and figure out how to paint this beast baptism-by-fire-style. Before I painted the brick though, we painted the walls, the trim, changed the ceiling fan to a big ole chandelier. I have a weakness for chandeliers. […]

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