1. Ashleigh N Sanders says

    I love the tile inside your shower storage too. I like that everything goes together but is different patterns! The mirrors + tub + shower are my faves but I think the vintage door and linen closet take the cake. It gives it a 1920s Hollywood-starlet vibe, just from the door + the stained glass. You should get another vintage door for your water closet!

  2. Lynn Pecquex says

    What I love about your gray bathroom reno:
    a) I LOVE your cloudy wallpaper on the ceiling.
    b) I LOVE the herringbone tile pattern in your shower.
    c)I LOVE your herringbone floor tiles.
    d)I LOVE your big windows.
    e)I LOVE the dark gray border around the cloud ceiling paper. And
    f) I LOVE the juxtaposition of the feathery cloud lights!
    It’s beautiful, and you did a grande reno!

  3. Jody says

    Gray is beautiful as your bathroom is now. Beige is so ugly. Reminds me of dirt on the planes. 2 houses we owned I painted the living room a medium gray. Since that was some 35 years ago I have changed to a pale gray. So understated. I cannot and will not live in an all White House. Once again we are going to buy another as soon as my guy gets home from active duty in Syria. Shot and in the hospital. I have a promise of his arrival on July 4/ 5. I pray the 4 th. We have missed so much time. The Grandbabies will be 6 months on July 3 rd. Holding bottles and my sweet girl rolls all over their bed to get where she wants to be. Little knees have not quite entered their minds yet. So my ideal house sold 3 days after going on line. 2 nd house I have tagged and lost. But there will be a gray room in the new house. You both did an excellent job and it shows.

    • Heather says

      Prayers for the rest of his tour going well and him returning in just days now safe and sound!!! Please give him a big hug from our family and thank him for his service ❤️. We owe so much to our military families! You guys endure a lot, and we are grateful. Thank you for your sweet words about our remodel.

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